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Doug's Dog House 

Grand Opening

June 20th

A complete service for dog owners and their pups

If you love your dog, contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge for a range of fabulous dog-based services.

Tailored treats and wagging welcome, always!

Doug’s Dog House offers a delightful array of dog services and products tailored to pamper both dogs and their owners.

Friendly atmosphere

Extensive range

Family-run business

Dog Lover

Canine services

For puppy yoga, dog first aid, puppy movie nights and more, choose Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge.

Breakfast in dog cafe

Coffee shop

Have a cuppa and relax in an environment with safe treats for your dogs at Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge.

Puppy on pebble beach

Buy online

For a range of pet accessories, available from our online store, contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge.

About us

Welcome to Doug’s Dog House, where every tail wags and every bark is met with warmth and care! Founded in memory of our beloved Doug, a loyal and loving dog who brought joy to our lives, we're a family-run, three-storey establishment nestled in the heart of our community. Doug’s spirit of happiness and companionship inspires us every day, and we are dedicated to catering to the needs and desires of our furry companions and their human friends. Browse our selection of locally sourced and branded dog accessories, ensuring your pup is always stylish and comfortable. Indulge in our café offerings, featuring freshly brewed coffee and delightful American sweet treats for you to enjoy. Join us in celebrating Doug's legacy, where every visitor is treated like family.

three dogs sat in kitchen
dog sat on womans knee

Spend quality time with your dog

Enjoy spending quality time with your furry companion, and join our puppy yoga sessions led by experienced instructors, offering a unique bonding experience while improving flexibility and mindfulness. Treat your pup to a spa day at our Dog Wash, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed for their comfort and relaxation. At Doug’s Dog House, every dog is treated like family. Whether you’re here for accessories, dining, or a relaxing spa session, we can’t wait to welcome you and your furry friend!

Are you looking for a treat for your four-legged friend?

Contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge for a special treat.


154 High St



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