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Dog photographer

Contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge for professional photos of your pet.

Professional photos

Capture a memory

Bespoke pictures

Professional photograph

A professional photograph will capture your dog’s personality and create a memory that will last a lifetime. Help us to create beautiful moments for you to treasure.

Funny Pit bull Portrait

Professional and experienced photographer

Our professional and experienced photographer will capture wonderful memories of your dog. Long after you have lost your beloved pet, you will have beautiful and evocative images to remember them by. Our pet photographer is experienced at photographing all kinds of dogs. Whether your dog is calm and outgoing, or nervous and shy, the photo session will be taken at a pace your pet is happy with.

Unique personality of your dog

Your pet photo will aim to capture the unique personality of your dog. Our photography studio is set up to enable your dog to relax and enjoy being the centre of attention. Our calm, patient photographer adores dogs, and will take the time to ensure your pet is happy and calm throughout the process.  We will take the time to get to know your pet so we can capture their individual character.

Dalmatian Dog
Cute Papillon Dog

Creating memories

Your dog is always there for you, through good times and bad. Whether it’s a cosy cuddle on the sofa, or exploring in the woods, or chasing a ball on the beach – memories can seem all too elusive, so let us help you capture those memories for ever. You can contact us to arrange an appointment with our photographer, or there are times when you can visit us and wait for a walk-in photographic session. Call us for further information.

Would you like to have professional photos of your pet to treasure?

Contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge to arrange a photographic session today. We also have a store for accessories and a gallery to display some fabulous pictures.


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