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Enjoying the Wash

Dog spa

To clean and groom your dog, contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge to arrange a spa session.

Dog grooming

Facilities for your use

Friendly atmosphere

Wonderful bonding moment

Being bathed and groomed by a stranger can be stressful for your pet – reduce the stress by doing it yourself and it can be a wonderful bonding session for you both.

dog sat on table with cute bow on collar

Regular checks

Opinions vary about how often you need to bathe your dog. Some breeds may need bathing more often than others, but it’s likely that at some point any active dog will need to be cleaned because they are very muddy, or they have rolled in something that smells terrible. Regular brushing helps to remove excess hair and it is an excellent time to check if there are any ticks or fleas in your dog’s coat.

Everything you need

We will supply everything you need to clean and groom your dog – shower facilities, dog shampoos, brushes and towels will all be made available to you. You can save money by bathing and brushing your dog yourself, and it will be far less stressful for your pet if you are the one wielding the shower and the brush. Your dog will love the extra attention and closeness with you whilst you take care of your dog’s coat and skin.

Dog Grooming
Blow Drying Dog

Easier and less stressful – for you and your dog

Bathing your dog at home can be difficult – you have to lift your pet into and out of the bath, and this can be hard work if you have a heavier dog, or they are worried and start to struggle. Their claws can damage your bath and your dog will at some point want to shake themselves vigorously, spraying water everywhere. In any case, you will have to clean your bath afterwards. If you take your pooch to our purpose-built bathing facilities, you will find it much easier and less stressful.

Do you need to bathe your pooch?

Contact Doug's Dog House - we have purpose-built bathing facilities in Tonbridge. We also offer puppy yoga and dog training.


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