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Dog in a Raincoat

Pet accessories

For stylish accessories, contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge.

Pet accessories 

Custom orders

Independent suppliers

A wide range of stylish accessories

Show your dog how much you love them by treating them to strong, stylish and comfortable accessories, comfy beds and fun toys. We have a wide range of accessories to choose from.

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Treat your pet

We know you love to treat your pet with comfy beds and stylish accessories. We are independent suppliers of all kinds of accessories for your dog. We can supply an extensive range of pet accessories, such as:

  • Harnesses, collars and leads, 

  • Dog coats and clothing

  • Paw wear

  • Dog toys

  • Dog beds – our doggy beds are wonderfully comfortable, and your beloved pooch will love to snuggle up in them and have fun doggy dreams

Keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable

We supply high-quality harnesses, collars and leads that will keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable. Our dog coats will help to keep your friend warm and dry, whatever the weather, and our paw wear is designed to help injured paws to heal by keeping them clean and safe from infection. They can also help keep paws dry and warm, and protect them from hot pavements in the summer. Our wide range of toys will help keep them occupied and give puppies something safe to chew.

dog laid on grass
Dog in snow

Bespoke and custom orders

We can also supply bespoke items, and can include custom orders that include your dog’s name and your contact details in case your beloved dog goes missing. Of course your dog will be microchipped, but anyone who finds your dog will be able to contact you immediately without needing to go to the vet for your dog’s microchip to be scanned. After all, the sooner your dog can be returned to you safe and sound, the better.

Are you looking for a comfy bed or stylish collar for your four-legged friend?

Visit Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge to choose from our extensive range. We also do puppy movie nights and spa days.


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