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Puppy yoga

Contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge to take your pup to a yoga class.

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The benefits of yoga

We all know the benefits of yoga – it’s great for relaxation, and to help our bodies stay flexible and strong. Why not bring your dog along to benefit as well?

Yoga Class

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Our experienced Puppy Yoga instructors can offer a unique bonding experience with your pet. Your dog will love the specially designed dog-friendly poses and spending time with you. The class will improve flexibility and mindfulness for both of you. Dog yoga has been popular for more than 20 years and in our busy world, it helps both pets and owners to be relaxed and calm. Yoga poses may include 'downward dog' and others that will enable your pet to join in.

Benefits of puppy yoga

Regular yoga sessions can increase relaxation and improve circulation and posture. Benefits include:

  • Healthier bodies - Yoga can help your dog reduce excess weight and improve their joint health, as well as increasing muscle mass. It also increases cardiovascular health and circulation

  • Bonding time – time spent doing yoga together will increase your sense of connection and togetherness

  • Stress reduction – dogs can feel stress and yoga will help them relax

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Socialise and relax

Attending a puppy yoga class is also an opportunity for your pup to socialise with other dogs in a relaxing environment, and you will also get the chance to meet other people who also love dogs and yoga as much as you do. Although your dog will love routine, why not try something different from the usual walk and playing fetch. There are so many advantages, why not give it a try. We also provide puppy first aid training and movie nights.

Would you like to try puppy yoga?

Contact Doug's Dog House in Tonbridge to arrange a session today.


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